Foster Care

  1. Foster Parent Orientations:
    • Orientations held at your facility, tailored to your agency’s specific foster care program.
    • Creation of PowerPoint presentation when necessary.
    • Presentation hand outs covering all topics of presentation.
    • Provision of list of names and addresses of all attendees.
    • A follow up phone call made to each attendee.
  2. Community networking
  3. Our rates are extremely reasonable. Quotes can be provided for services by the hour or per project.
    We work with our clients to build their business as together we help children find strong, healthy families.
  • I was a child
    Playing hide and seek with you,
    and you caught me hiding
    in the silliest, saddest places.
    Behind old grudges,
    under a ton of disappointments,
    tangled in guilt,
    smothered in success,
    choking on sobs
    that nobody heard.
    You found me
    And whispered my name
    and said,
    “You’re it!”
    And I believe
    you meant it.

    J.D. Teague